about us

Welcome to Ithaca Tech Support! I started this business in 2018 after moving to Ithaca with my partner, Emily and our two girls, Linnea (11) and Minna (almost a year!). 

After living in New York City for several years, we wanted to be part of a more intimate and close-knit community. It is my vision to help create a network of tech support in Ithaca to help everyone from the most tech-savvy small business owners down to the total beginner to use technology as a tool to make  lives easier.


My background is in tech start-ups in Germany and New York City. 

In Berlin, I became passionate about customer service. I delved into the tech-world by providing customer services as an event manager and barista at a co-working place called betahaus. There, I got in touch with a company, orderbird, that created a point-of-sale system for the iPad that can be used as a register. I provided 24/7 tech-support via phone and email to orderbird's clients helping them to use the system.

When I moved to NYC in 2015, I worked for the social media companies YouNow and Amino Apps as well as for the world's biggest scientific publisher Springer, where I continued to provide tech support and customer service as it related to trust and safety.

I also serve as the Children's Ministry Coordinator at St. Paul's United Methodist Church and consult the Ithaca Waldorf School which helps me understand the workings of schools and youth organizations.

I am passionate about making technology work for you and your family or company or institution. No job is too small or large. The key is to look at and do things together!

In support,

Delvin Collier